Achieving carbon neutral certification has been a major milestone, which we expect Climate Active to confirm by mid-2022. It means every Figurehead and Flux and construction site, including our Head Office and overall business operations, has achieved carbon neutrality. We are committed to ensuring this remains true of every future site by implementing reduction strategies and ensuring we limit our reliance on offsets into the future. Sustainability is also a key focus of our NEXT innovation program. We continue to research new building materials, technologies and methodologies with the aim of minimising embodied carbon, maximising energy efficiency and reducing waste.

The group’s new headquarters in Collingwood exemplify ourr commitment to a sustainable future, and dedication to delivering best practice outcomes focused on the end-user experience.

Currently under construction, this 11storey commercial building incorporates a wide range of key ESD initiatives, and will be carbon neutral in operation for a minimum of 10 years. From a design perspective, much of this is made possible through a northern double skin, breathable façade. On top of this the building is targeting the highest possible, Platinum WELL certification, specifically related to health and wellbeing of building occupants.